Churchill cigar butt fetches STG4200

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A cigar butt discarded by Winston Churchill and picked up by a policeman has sold for more than STG4200 ($A7670).

The item - cast aside by the wartime leader in the 1940s - went under the hammer on Wednesday.

The 7cm-long butt caused a stir at the auction after being expected to sell for as low as STG800.

The previous owner's grandfather, Arthur Church, served as a policeman at Scotland Yard in the 1940s.

While he was on police duty escorting Churchill, the Prime Minister smoked a cigar and Church picked up the discarded butt.

On Wednesday, the item drew significant interest and sold to a UK private collector for a STG3500 hammer price, rising to STG4270 with buyer's premium.

It was sold by Bellmans auctioneers, based in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

The high price for the cigar butt shows the enduring taste at auctions for items once owned by Churchill.

In March, a pair of his luxury velvet slippers sold for nearly STG40,000.

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