Christmas decoration fail leaves Aussie shoppers in stitches

Always double check what you're ordering online.

An Aussie woman's Christmas purchase fail has left the internet in stitches. After buying some cute decorations from budget online store Temu, she revealed the items she received are hilariously different to what she'd expected.

Revealing a typo on ornaments in the shape of gingerbread Christmas trees, trains and stockings, the woman posted on Facebook, "Temu did me dirty. Merry Chitarsms!"

Fellow shoppers found the post "absolutely hilarious", with one writing, "This was the laugh I so desperately needed tonight."

Temu Christmas decorations with typo
A shopper quickly realised something wasn't quite right with these Christmas decorations. Photo: Facebook

"OMG, I thought these were homemade and didn't want to be mean, that's hilarious," added a second. "It still says Christmas, you just have to read it up and down," joked a third, who might just have a point.

The woman explained that the spelling error could be seen on the Temu website, but she didn't realise until the decorations arrived. Luckily, she'd said they're still usable and actually make her smile.


"The rest of the set is super cute, and with discounts, I only paid $6," she wrote. "It's been four hours since they were delivered. Every time I walk past them, I crack up."

Temu Christmas decoration with typo
The decorations are giving shoppers a good laugh. Photo: Temu

After seeing the shopper's post, several others shared their own decoration fails. "We had a sign that said Norch Pole for years," one wrote. "I bought a Merry Christmas shirt from Temu the other week. It said Me ry Christmas," responded another.

Temu Christmas wreath with elf legs
This wreath left one shopper scratching her head. Photo: TikTok/@Lopezfab5, Temu

Yet another Temu shopper took to TikTok to show a bizarre ornament she'd bought. "Be careful what you order. Read the measurements and do not go off of pictures," she captioned a short clip of a strange-looking wreath with two elf legs hanging out.

"Come on, sister, you gotta read the description... I did the same thing. Lesson learned," a viewer commented.

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