Killer dad says he wouldn't have murdered his family if he hadn't met mistress

A man who murdered his pregnant wife and their two young daughters said he never would have killed them had he not met his mistress.

Christopher Watts was sentenced to life in prison for killing his pregnant wife Shannan, and their two daughters, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste in August 2018.

After killing his wife, Watts drove her and his daughters to an oil worksite owned by a previous employer, about 65 kilometres from the family’s home and smothered them with a blanket.

Christopher Watts pictured with wife Shannan and daughters Bella and Celeste.
Christopher Watts with wife Shannan and his their daughters Bella and Celeste. He killed all of them and is serving life in prison. Source: Facebook/ Shannan Watts

The story made headlines around the globe after Watts made an emotional appeal for information to find the bodies of his wife and children.

His motives for murder are now the subject of a book titled Letters from Christopher.

Author Cherlyn Cole, who’s been speaking with Watts, told the Daily Mail, the 34-year-old claims if he had never met mistress Nichol Kessinger he would never have killed his family.

Christopher Watts sits in court for his sentencing hearing at the Weld County Courthouse in November 2018.
Watts awaits his sentencing in November 2018. Source: Getty Images

The prosecution also argued Watts killed his family, including his unborn child, so he could be with Ms Kessinger.

Cole said Watts told her, all he wanted was to be with Ms Kessinger and he felt “no remorse” after killing his family.

“The darkness inside of me had won, it was still in me, though, I thought maybe permanently,” Watts told Cole.

“I felt evil, swallowed up by this thing inside of me. I felt like I could kill anything and be justified for doing it.”

Nichol Kessinger is pictured.
Watts claims if he never met Nichol Kessinger (pictured) he would have never killed his family. Source: Getty Images

The book also details how Watts was so infatuated with Ms Kessinger he gave his wife Oxycodone so she would miscarry their unborn son.

Cole said Watts believed Ms Kessinger was his soulmate even though he loved his wife.

Letters from Christopher will be published on October 7.

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