Chris Hemsworth offers exciting Extraction 3 update

chris hemsworth, extraction 2
Chris Hemsworth offers Extraction 3 updateNetflix

Chris Hemsworth has offered an exciting update for Extraction 3, saying the film is now in the works.

The action series sees Hemsworth play Tyler Rake, a former Australian special air service operator who changes tack to become a black ops mercenary.

The first film, released in 2020, saw Rake operate in Bangladesh as he attempted to track down the kidnapped son of a drug lord, whilst the sequel moved to Georgia as the mercenary is hired to rescue the family of a crime lord from prison.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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A third film was greenlit by Netflix following the success of both entries, and Hemsworth has now provided an exciting update on its progress, telling Collider: “We’re in the middle of sort of writing, prepping, getting it ready. I don’t know when we’re gonna start, but it’s in the works.”

Hemsworth had previously spoken about one specific scene from Extraction 2, in which Rake’s arm is set on fire. In an interview, the star revealed that the scene was shot without the use of special effects, with a flammable liquid being poured on his arm to create the look.

“They had to cover my arm in flammable liquid, set it on fire, and then I had to go through the sequence,” he revealed, before quipping: “It was a cold night so I appreciated the warmth. Very hot.”

Away from the big screen, Hemsworth discovered that he was at a higher risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, with the star later clarifying remarks that he was set to take “time off” from his career.

chris hemsworth, extraction 2

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“That experience and that show [Limitless] made me go: ‘Oh wow, none of us are invincible.’” he explained. “It kind of slams you into the moment – you start asking bigger questions.

“You think: ‘I need to slow down and just experience this moment now and not have the years race by.’ It was a positive in that sense, but it got a little overdramatised, like I was potentially retiring because of this thing, which just isn't the case.”

Extraction and Extraction 2 are available to stream on Netflix.

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