Chris Hayes calls out Fox News hosts for hypocrisy on vaccine mandates

On All In With Chris Hayes Tuesday, Hayes didn’t pull any punches when calling out the hypocrisy of Fox News hosts for repeatedly railing against vaccine mandates, when Fox News itself has a vaccine mandate. Besides that, among other things that Fox hosts also deride, Fox has a mask policy and stricter testing guidelines for unvaccinated individuals than President Biden proposed for federal employees.

“Their own Human Resources department said earlier this month, 90% of full-time employees reported they are fully vaccinated after the company, wait for it, mandated everyone to report their vaccination status,” Hayes said. He added, seemingly mocking Carlson with his tone, “Oh, my God, that's a private decision. How dare they?”

Hayes also all but dared Fox hosts to call out their employer’s mandates, saying, “Notice, by the way, they don’t call out their own employer. They could if they had any courage. If you think it’s tyranny, you could do that on air. But you won’t.”

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