Chris Cuomo urges GOP leadership to find replacement for Ron Johnson

Chris Cuomo questioned why the Republican Party is still supporting Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on Cuomo Prime Time Thursday. This comes after a hearing in which Johnson was accused of racially profiling young hispanic male immigrants, intimating that they are likely to become drug traffickers or gang members. Not only do statistics show Johnson’s assertions to be demonstrably false, they also show that this kind of rhetoric increases threats of violence.

“We’re past fact-checking what comes out of Ron Johnson's mouth, because so much of it constitutes a domestic threat. You know what those other 49 Republican senators swore to defend against? That,” Cuomo said. “You want proof? Just name the danger. According to DHS under Trump, there were spikes in domestic threats driven by people stoking fears about immigration. In other words, what Johnson just did.”

Johnson has also repeatedly echoed far-fetched conspiracies about the COVID-19 vaccines, despite the fact that over 99 percent of COVID deaths are unvaccinated people, and a large portion of Republicans say they will not get vaccinated. But discouraging vaccination is common among Republican legislators and right-wing media, as is dismissing the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol and climate change, both of which Johnson routinely does. Still, Cuomo urged GOP leaders to find a replacement for Johnson.

“The Wisconsin senator hasn’t said if he’s running for reelection next year, but the question for leadership is, why would you want him?” Cuomo said. “Why don't you make that reach out to people who are center-right and reasonable, and stand against all of the BS coming out of his mouth? That's not what being a Republican is about.”

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