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Boy, 2, falls almost five metres down narrow well while on walk with mum

A toddler has been rescued after he fell 4.5 metres down a narrow well.

The two-year-old boy, whose name had not been reported, could be heard crying loudly inside the dark and damp borehole, which fortunately had no water in it.

According to reports, the mum and her son were out walking at night when the boy “suddenly disappeared” in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province in East China, about 9pm (local time) on August 20.

The mother next heard loud crying coming from the bottom of the well, which had an opening just 40 centimetres wide.

The little boy in China was walking with his mum when he fell into a well (right). He is seen on the left being pulled out by his rescuers.
A five-year-old boy has been rescued from a narrow well (right) he fell into while walking with his mother. Left is the child being pulled out.

Rescue footage shows members of the fire service gathered around the dark borehole, into which they are pointing torches in order to see the boy.

The authorities said firefighter Yang Hongbin, who is the skinniest of all his colleagues, volunteered to be lowered into the well in order to save the child.

He managed to squeeze into the borehole, and secured a harness and helmet to the boy before lifting him up from the bottom.

The footage shows other firemen grabbing him as he re-emerges above ground.

The boy stops crying as he is put back down on the floor and reunited with his mum.

The fire service did not reveal whether they were still investigating the cause of the accident.

– Australscope

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