China, Russia extend friendship treaty

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Chinese and Russian leaders have agreed to extend their "Treaty of Good-Neighbourliness and Friendly Co-operation" - signed in 2001 - in talks.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed the move during a video summit, China's state news agency Xinhua reported.

"Enshrined in this document are such fundamental agreements as mutual support in the protection of state unity and territorial integrity... such agreements are greatly significant in the modern world," Putin said in remarks carried by the TASS news agency.

Russia supplies the world's most populous country with oil, gas and coal among other things.

In return, China sell machines and consumer goods to the largest country in terms of surface area.

Both countries pursue often similar interests in the UN Security Council and have a tense relationship with the United States.

From the NATO military alliance's point of view, China and Russia currently pose the greatest threat to security in the Euro-Atlantic area.

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