China is the reason Russia has 10 times as many drones as Ukraine - UAV crew commander

A Ukrainian soldier during a combat mission
A Ukrainian soldier during a combat mission

China is the reason Russia has 10 times the number of drones than Ukraine, said the Rubizh 4th Operational Brigade's 'Visitation of God' UAV crew commander, Andrii Otchenash on national TV on May 21.

He was specifically referring to the components Russian companies receive from China to work around Western sanctions,

The Russians have recently been improving their drones to overcome Ukraine's electronic warfare systems, but Ukrainian operators are capable of doing the same thing, he said.

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"We, the fighters of the Rubizh brigade, try not to graze behind our own lines and find other options - we fly far behind enemy lines and destroy equipment, artillery systems, etc.," Otchenash said.

The main problem right now is the Russians' large numerical superiority in drones thanks to supplies from China.

"You need to understand that the number of unmanned aircraft systems in Russia is 10 times greater than in Ukraine due to the fact that they have a Chinese partner, which simply gives them millions of components to create unmanned aircraft systems," he said.

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