China quake toll at 93 as dust settles

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Officials in China's Sichuan province, which was hit by an earthquake that killed 93 last week, have lowered the emergency response level as most transport, electricity and communication services ease back to normal.

The strongest earthquake to hit the province in five years killed 55 people in an area known as Ganzi, and 38 in the city of Ya'an, CCTV news said.

Rescue efforts are still being carried out for 25 missing people, including nine in Luding.

Ceremonies in several cities were held on Monday to remember the victims, according to the WeChat account of the Sichuan provincial government.

Rain in Sichuan has hampered rescue efforts over the past week and it is expected to linger across the region on Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting warnings of potential landslides in northeastern Zhejiang, Luding, southern Yunnan, northwestern Xinjiang and other places.