Pilot sums up dire engine situation in call to air traffic control after Sydney takeoff

Audio has emerged of the moment the pilot of a China Eastern Airlines flight advises Sydney air traffic control he has lost an engine soon after taking off on Sunday night.

The Shanghai-bound flight, which departed Sydney around 8.30pm on Sunday, suffered a terrifying engine mishap mid-air and left a huge hole in the fan cowl forcing the plane to return to Sydney airport about an hour after takeoff.

In the audio, the pilot is heard bluntly summing up the dire situation after his engine blows.

"Engine number one f****d" the pilot advises air traffic control, and then repeats his message to make the situation clear.

He then advises he needs to "maintain heading" with air traffic control responding "continue climb to 5000".

The pilot of the flight bluntly advised air traffic control of his emergency situation. Source: Twitter

Just one hour after taking off on its journey to China, a terrifying bout of engine failure forced the plane to turn around.

When 7 News showed a group of female passengers just how severe the damage to their plane was, they were left struggling for words. Source: 7 News

Social media users made light of the pilot's broken english but commended him for being direct.

"I'll go with 'fault' but amusing all the same," Dave Monds said of the audio posted to the Facebook page for aviation enthusiasts, Flight.

"Dropping the f-bomb on a new level," another person posted.

"Well, it got the message across ..." John Bartels added.

Given the onboard announcements were made in Chinese, the small amount of English speaking passengers were left struggling to interpret what happened.

Engineers inspected the damage back at Sydney Airport. Source: 7 News

One passenger sitting by the window told Sunrise he could immediately see something was wrong.

“The Chinese fellow ... obviously saw what was going on because he was waving frantically to the staff to come and look at the window," he said

“There were only about three of four English-speaking people on the plane and the majority of announcements were made in Chinese. That was a little bit tricky.”

The plane landed safely in Sydney and passengers were put up in hotels and are expected to depart on another new flight for Shanghai on Monday.