Chilling video catches intruder's bizarre act as mum and baby sleep

Police are searching for an intruder they claim broke into a Utah home and walked around the master bedroom as a mother and her baby slept.

The man broke into a home on Monday about 3.40am local time, according to the Layton City Police Department.

Chilling footage shared on the police department’s Facebook page shows him walking around the room as a baby sleeps in a cot.

Police allege he exposed himself as he stood next to the bed.

Police allege this man broke into a Utah home and exposed himself as a woman and her baby slept. Source: Facebook/ Layton City Police Department

The mum, who has not been named, told WGN9 she was terrified on viewing the footage from a nanny cam afterwards.

“What if he was taking pictures of me? I feel like that’s taken from me. My privacy of my body should be mine alone,” she said.

The couple do not know how the man got into their home as every door was locked and there were no signs of forced entry.

They are considering the possibility the intruder knew their garage code, which could mean he has been watching them or knows them personally.

They are also now worried this has been ongoing as they only installed the surveillance camera last month.

Police described him as thin – wearing dark jeans, slip on shoes, a light, possibly multi-coloured sweatshirt and a wedding band.