Chilling photos of Texas school shooter's home: 'Blood all over'

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Bloodstains can still be seen on the walls of school shooter Salvador Ramos' home from the teen's attack on his grandmother.

Just days after the massacre that left 19 children dead, Ramos' grandfather Rolando Reyes allowed cameras into his Texas home — which the elderly couple shared with the gunman for months.

Ramos shot his grandmother Celia Gonzalez in the face at the property before fleeing, crashing his car and targeting Robb Elementary School, where he killed a total of 21 people before being shot by law enforcement.

Ms Gonzalez managed to call 911 despite her injuries, alerting them to her grandson.

The circled blood stains on the walls of Ramos' home.
Bloodstains can still be seen on the walls of Ramos' home. Source: Ria Newman/Jam Press/Australscope

In a clip filmed inside the home, Mr Reyes shared the destruction remaining.

"There’s blood all over," he says, indicating to the walls of the hallway.

Pointing to different parts, he adds: "I don’t know if he shot her from here to there, or maybe from there.

"There was a pool of blood here…my sister and this friend of mine, her cousin, cleaned it up."

Blood is also seen on the ceiling.

Ms Gonzales, who worked as a teacher's aide at the school, is understood to be recovering in hospital but is still unable to speak, The Independent reports.

Salvador Rolando Ramos's grandfather shows around the house where Salvador shot his grandmother - blood stains circled.
Ramos shot his grandmother in the face before storming the school. Source: Ria Newman/Jam Press/Australscope

The family had earlier stated that Ramos had gotten into a fight with his grandmother when she asked him to start paying for his own mobile phone bills.

An anonymous friend of the family told the New York Post this week that Ms Gonzales was in the school's classrooms "a lot of the time".

"She knows a lot of the kids who died and was close to them," they said.

Adriana Reyes and her son Salvador Ramos.
Adriana Reyes claims her son Salvador Ramos was not violent after he killed 21 people at a school in Texas. Source: Facebook via the Daily Mail/ABC News

Sad story behind 'heartbreaking' casket photos

The disturbing revelation comes as heartbroken residents of Uvalde say goodbye to the 19 children and two teachers killed, one heart-wrenching visitation, funeral and burial after another.

A custom casket-maker who also lives in Texas, Trey Ganem, has been praised for offering his time and expertise to the grieving parents.

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