Chilling moments after father was bludgeoned to death in workshop

Chilling security video has emerged of the moments after a South Australian man was bludgeoned to death in his workshop.

His accused killer is claiming self-defence, saying he was forced to act or be killed himself.

In the footage, accused killer Jesse Penhall and another man emerge from a workshop at Salisbury in September last year, one clutching an industrial size, blood-soaked spanner.

Inside the workshop, David Norris’ battered body lay in a pool of blood after he was struck multiple times with a spanner, allegedly at the hands of Penhall.

Chilling footage (left) has emerged of the moment after South Australian man David Norris (right) was bludgeoned to death. Source: 7 News

But Penhall told a jury that Norris struck the first blow and he wrestled the spanner away to save himself.

“I had to wrestle him so he wouldn’t kill me with it,” he said.

“I had to defend myself – it was a serious, life-threatening situation.”

Penhall admitted he just kept swinging.

“I thought I was going to die … I kept whacking him until he fell over and I was able to escape,” he said.

Jesse Penhall, pictured, told a jury he had acted in self-defence. Source: 7 News

“I stepped over him when he fell and I dropped the spanner.”

Penhall told the jury the entire incident took less than 30 seconds.

He panicked and when fleeing the scene he discarded his bloodied clothes.

He said he was traumatised, because the incident brought back painful memories of when he was shot at 14 times during an ambush at Paskeville in 2008.

On Tuesday the jury will hear evidence from a medical expert.