Chilling moment captured on child's bedroom monitor: 'Don't leave her alone'

A mother has been left petrified after an incident she’s described as “1000 percent unexplainable” was caught on camera.

Deanna, a 23-year-old mum from California, shared the video to TikTik of her three-year-old daughter’s room.

“Just a few nights ago, her room camera caught this,” she wrote in the post. “I would not have seen this except for the fact that she woke up crying five minutes after saying her face hurt.”

It was then that Deanna discovered a “fresh scratch” on her child’s cheek.

The little girl asleep in her bed.
Mother-of-two Deanna says she spotted the door of her daughter's wardrobe opening on the room camera. Source: TikTok

In the clip, which has since gone viral after racking up more than 9.3 million views, the little girl can be seen fast asleep in her bed as the ceiling fan spins above her. Suddenly the wardrobe door opens a fraction, then 13 seconds later it continues to swing open all the way.

“Listen, you can hear the door open,” Deanna wrote online. “You can even see the knob twist. There is no room for anybody to physically be in that closet. The door opens and you can even see completely inside. If I had the money, we’d already be moved.”

A ‘bad man’ in the closet

The mother of two says her little girl had been complaining for months that “someone” was in her closet. “Occasionally naming a very specific family member that [had] passed,” Deanna said. “Now she says it’s a ‘bad man’.”

“Being a believer of this kind of stuff, I repeatedly told my husband that we should have our pastor bless the house. This is not the first thing we have had happen. Nor is it the first caught on camera BUT this was the first that is absolutely 1000 percent unexplainable.”

Almost 3,000 people have commented on the footage since it was uploaded on Sunday, with some pointing out a figure in the frame.

“Y’all see the arm and dress to the right,” one person wrote. “It looks like the blanket on her [the girl] moves too,” said another. “Could be her feet but it’s still creepy.”

A close up image of the wardrobe (left) and the little girl's scratched face (right).
Users on TikTok claimed that a figure could be seen in the room while Deanna shared an image of her daughter's scratched face. Source: TikTik

While someone else added: “[It’s a] poltergeist or something even like a demon. Ghosts and spirits don’t interact with us like this. Definitely something to be aware of. I would move.”

“This has to be real and so scary for her,” another user said. “It’s the fact that it opened slightly, stayed that way for a bit, and then opened all the way,” wrote someone else. “That ain’t normal.”

Deanna with her husband and daughters (left) and Deanna's three-year-old.
Deanna said if she had the money her family would have already moved following the haunting encounter. Source: TikTok

While others begged the mother not to leave her daughter alone in her room, some recommended that she seek help right away.

“Please get a poster in there, unfortunately these things only get worse,” one person said. “Medium here,” another wrote. “This is negative energy, I would strongly recommend a cleansing immediately.”

Since the video blew up on TikTok, Deanna has made a further nine posts, which have collectively racked up almost 2.1 million views.

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