The chilling call made moments before man stabbed to death

A chilling triple-0 call made by a killer moments before he murdered a father in Western Australia has been revealed in court.

Michael Walker, 24, stabbed Mandurah man Axel Boreski, 27, seven times in five minutes, piercing his heart and breaking the knife he was using to pieces.

The pair had met in a pub the night before.  Boreski went back to Walker’s home in Halls Head to continue drinking.

Michael Walker (right), 27, stabbed his victim Axel Boreski, 24, to death seven times, breaking the knife. Source: 7 News

At 4.30am, a fight broke out in the backyard. Walker claimed he was choked and thrown into a swimming pool before Boreski left.

The 24-year-old called triple-0 moments before killing the father.

“I’m f***ing stabbing that c*** then, I’m going to get him,” Walker says.

The operator tells Walker to wait for the police but he doesn’t.

Mr Boreski was killed after the pair had an altercation at Walker’s home. Source: 7 News

“Yes or no? Are you bleeding? Do you need an ambulance?” the operator says.

“No, he might,” Walker says. “I just hit him.”

The call was part of evidence provided in a trial which convicted Walker of murder on Friday.

The prosecution said Walker was “humiliated and angry” after coming off second best in the fight.

He then followed the father down 150 metres down the road and killed him.

Walker is now facing life in prison.

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