Childhood bronchitis linked to lung issues

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Children who suffer from bronchitis are more likely to develop respiratory problems as adults, according to a study.

Researchers found a link between early childhood bronchitis and lung diseases like asthma and pneumonia after assessing more than 8000 Tasmanians.

Lead author of the study, Jennifer Perret, from the University of Melbourne, said the data shows children who have at least one bout of bronchitis before age seven are more likely to develop lung problems later in life.

"We have seen already that children with protracted bacterial bronchitis are at increased risk of serious chronic infective lung disease after two to five years" Dr Perret said.

"So studies like ours are documenting the potential for symptomatic children to develop lung conditions, such as asthma and lung function changes, up to mid-adult life."

The study focused on people born in 1961, who started school in 1968 and participants were followed for an average of 46 years.

The findings were first published at a conference in 2020 and published on Tuesday in the journal, BMJ Open Respiratory Research.

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