Child killer Robert Arthur Selby Lowe pleads innocence from behind bars

Jackie Quist
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Child killer Robert Arthur Selby Lowe pleads innocence from behind bars

An evil killer responsible for the murder that shocked Victoria has sparked outrage, as he launches a fresh bid for freedom.

Robert Arthur Selby Lowe is serving a life sentence for the murder of six-year-old Sheree Beasley, who was lured to her death as she rode her bike to a milkbar.

It is 20 years since Lowe was sentenced to life without parole and he has sparked fresh outrage as he ramps up a bid for freedom.

The evil predator wrote to 7News from Ararat Prison's 'Village of the Damned', which is home to some of the state's most depraved sex offenders.

In his letter, Lowe protested his innocence - as he has since his arrest for the abduction, rape and murder of little Sheree in 1991.

"I am convinced that I am the scapegoat for the police's failure to find Sheree Beasley's abductor and killer," he wrote.

The contact has sickened Sheree's family and police.

"To have it dragged up again is traumatic for the family," said Kel Glare, Victoria's former Police Chief Commissioner.

Jailed for life in 1994, Lowe is one of only ten convicted criminals deemed too sadistic to be given a minimum term.

Now he claims drug addicts killed Sheree.

"It's absolute nonsense," Mr Glare said. "He made admissions at the time and said he choked her. He is about causing pain."

Sheree's grandfather told 7News, Lowe was clearly guilty.

"The low-life coward must be forgetting he retraced his murderous steps with his psycho-analyst," he said.

"He was filmed by police from the point of abduction to where he placed Sheree's body. Go straight to hell Robert Lowe."

The little girl was snatched from her bike on her way to the shops in 1991 and her body was later discovered in a drain.

It is 23 years since Sheree set off from her house in the quiet seaside suburb of Rosebud.

She is remembered fondly by locals who are still struggling to cope with what happened two decades on.

"He should have been hanged," said neighbour Doris Campbell

Now aged 76, Lowe will die in jail.

Sheree's family says that day cannot come soon enough.