Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' Helmet Shatters in Frigid Playoff Game

David Eulitt
David Eulitt

A broken helmet couldn’t stop Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes from leading his team to a win against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday. A chunk of the helmet came off after Mahomes collided with a Dolphins player, with the player attributing the breakage to the minus-4-degree weather the teams played in. “I didn’t know what happened in the moment but I got in the huddle and everyone was telling me, but I was like, ‘I got y’all, but I’m not coming out of the game, so we can figure it out on the sideline,’” Mahomes told reporters after the game, according to NBC Sports. “It was a first for me.” Mahomes eventually received a replacement hardhat, but getting it on his head came with its own issues. “We have to talk about where we store the backup because it was frozen—when I tried to put it on it was completely frozen,” Mahomes said. “I couldn’t put it on.”

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