Chicks hatch at supermarket in Cornwall

Two chicks at Morrisons in Liskard
Robert Mackenzie said the baby gulls were first seen on Saturday [Robert Mackenzie]

Two gull eggs have hatched at a supermarket in Cornwall, said a shopper.

Staff at Morrisons in Liskeard erected barriers and cordoned off eight parking spaces in June to protect a nesting gull.

Regular shopper Robert Mackenzie said two "healthy chicks" were first seen on Saturday and were "exploring their enclosure" while the mother gull, named locally as Dolly, looked on from the car park.

Morrisons said at the time of the cordoning off that staff contacted the RSPCA for advice when the gull was sat on its eggs in a nest at the base of a tree to ensure the bird would not be disturbed.

Two baby gulls
Robert Mackenzie said the chicks looked healthy [Robert Mackenzie]

Mr Mackenzie, who does not "particularly like gulls", said: "The chicks look really well.

"They are well cordoned off so you can't get very close. The chicks are very happy, wandering around and sitting within their cordon at the base of the tree.

"It's ridiculous, really, because it's right in the middle of the car park.

"The staff have been really good and are making sure nobody gets too close.

"I don't know why this particular one has chosen to nest on the ground because it is really unusual. It is open to predators and dogs, but the staff have protected it the best they can.

"Hopefully they will survive."

The mother gull in Morrison's car park
Robert Mackenzie said he believed the site would be cordoned off for about another four weeks until the chicks had flown the nest [Robert Mackenzie]

All wild birds, their eggs and nests are protected by law.

It is an offence to damage or destroy a wild bird’s nest while it is being used or built.

The RSPCA added gulls could scare or hurt customers if distressed.

Morrisons and the RSPCA have been contacted for more information on the latest events.

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