Chicken attempts new world record

A chicken called Betty will begin an attempt to become the first chook to send out a tweet.

Chickens tweet all the time right? Wrong. At least not the kind of tweeting that involves 140 characters and the interweb.

As part of a promotion for fast food chain Chicken Treat, a chicken named Betty is preparing to become the first of her species to send a tweet across the internet.

In a world first, Betty the tweeting chook will be beak to keyboard in a bid to tweet out an actual word.

The Guinness Book of World Records is poised to recognise her as the "First Chicken to Send a Tweet" if she manages to send a five-letter tweet in English within 30 days.

Betty has a keyboard in her pen, but her dexterity has so far left much to be desired, with Twitter contributions such as "A$%Gbj", "aslffawe" and "fa*hh/".