Chicago woman gets 58-year prison term for killing and dismembering her landlord

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago woman convicted of killing and dismembering her landlord and storing some of her remains in a freezer has been sentenced to 58 years in prison.

Sandra Kolalou was sentenced Wednesday in the killing of 69-year-old Frances Walker, WGN-TV reported.

A Cook County jury convicted Kolalou in April of multiple charges, including first-degree murder and concealing a homicidal death. Prosecutors said Kolalou killed Walker in October 2022 after Walker served her with an eviction notice.

Kolalou was arrested after she pulled a knife on a tow truck driver who drove her to a beach on Chicago's lakefront. According to prosecutors, Kolalou dumped a heavy bag into a garbage can there and pulled the knife on the driver when he refused to take her to another location.

She was charged after Walker’s severed head, arms and legs were found inside a freezer at the home on the Northwest Side of Chicago.

Kolalou, 39, insisted during the sentencing hearing that she never hurt Walker.