Chernihiv missile attack: Death toll climbs to 14, 60 more injured; Video captures aftermath

Russian missile strike damaged hospital in Chernihiv
Russian missile strike damaged hospital in Chernihiv

The death toll in the daytime Russian missile attack on Chernihiv has risen to 14 people, the Prosecutor General's Office reported on Telegram on April 18.

According to Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, two children were among the 60 civilians injured. Ukrainian law enforcement officials, including police and psychologists, are providing assistance and support to the victims.

Rescue efforts are underway to find people who may still be trapped under the rubble. Public transportation in Chernihiv has been rerouted, and blood donations for the injured have been organized by the Internal Ministry.

“We are rescuing, helping, and recording another war crime of Russia,” Klymenko said.

video of the aftermath minutes after Russia’s deadly missile strike on Chernihiv, which damaged a local hospital and many other buildings in the city center, was shared by the Ukrainian Health Ministry in its Telegram post.

It showed numerous broken windows, damaged furniture, and equipment at the medical facility.

“A rescue operation is underway,” said earlier regional deputy head Oleksiy Kuleba shortly after the daytime Russian attack with three Iskander missiles on the center of Chernihiv, directly hitting an eight-story social infrastructure building.

“An eight-story building was destroyed, four high-rise buildings, a hospital, a higher education institution, and dozens of cars were damaged. There may be people under the rubble.”

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