Chef jailed for supplying drug disguised as pasta dish

The former head chef of a popular Italian restaurant in Brisbane has been jailed for supplying cocaine that was codenamed as a pasta dish to customers.

Ryan McIver, former head chef at the Mariosarti restaurant in Toowong, pleaded guilty to three counts of supplying a dangerous drug at the District Court on Monday.

He dealt cocaine to customers in October 2016 and again in March and April last year.

McIver took orders for cocaine using the code “full feed of ragu” while “onions” was the codename for strippers.

Ryan McIver was jailed after pleading guilty to selling drugs while working at a leading Brisbane restaurant. Source: 7News

He was arrested during a police crackdown on cocaine trafficking last year, which led to several other people charged.

McIver’s lawyer argued the 30-year-old was merely the “delivery driver”.

“My client got swept up and gets no money, no drugs, nothing,” Defence Barrister John Fraser said, labelling his client “vulnerable and impulsive”.

McIver used the codename “full feed of ragu” to sell cocaine. Source: Google Maps

His demise came after working his way up from dishwasher to head chef.

The court heard McIver had a history of drug offending but stayed out of trouble for several years until his arrest last year.

He was sentenced to two years in prison but an early guilty plea and cooperation with authorities means he’ll be out in three months.