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Cheers to dress made from beer

Australia's favourite frothy beverage would not normally be associated with fabric production, but two Perth entrepreneurs have found a way to make clothes from beer.

Scientist Gary Cass and artist Donna Franklin worked together to create a dress made from fermented beer. Described as "creative science", the project is run out of Mr Cass' shed in Nollamara.

"Beer is put into a vat and we put in a bacterial culture which creates a vinegar," he said.

"The byproduct is a cellulose fibre which is chemically similar to cotton.

"It's about allowing scientists to use their imagination, and blurs the lines between art and science."

The duo first used alcohol in fabrics in 2007, when they made a dress from wine. Mr Cass said the volumes of waste in the alcohol industry led to the decision to use beer and wine.

"We can use what they throw down the drain in beer and wine production," he said.

Dr Franklin said the beer dress, which will feature at this year's Milan World Expo, was made from recycled materials.

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