Cheeky Melb protest exposes privacy issue

Luke Costin

A Melbourne man has dropped everything to encourage his neighbours to fix a privacy issue with their newly erected house.

James Penlidis discovered the second storey of his neighbours' new house had clear windows overlooking his yard so he decided to stride nude around his property until it was fixed.

His protest began last week after he says he got nowhere with the local council, the builder or the private building surveyor.

Posting daily updates and pictures to Facebook, the Bentleigh man drank martinis nude in his yard on day one of his protest.

He cleaned the gutters naked on day two, and painted his house unclad on day three.

"They are avoiding their windows today," he posted on day four as he cooked a BBQ in the raw.

Seeing Mr Penlidis proudly riding an exercise bike in his garden on day five may have been the sealer.

The neighbours frosted their windows on Saturday - day six of Mr Penlidis' action.

"If they wanted to look into my house, I was going to give them something to look at," he told 3AW on Thursday.

Glen Eira Council has been contacted for comment.

Glen Eira Council's planning director said a building permit for a single dwelling is issued by a private building surveyor, and the permit cannot be shared with neighbours without the owner's consent.

"In these cases, it is the private building surveyor who decides what level of privacy protection is required, not council," Ron Torres told AAP in a statement.