Cheeky 'cost of living' democracy sausage backfires: 'I vote no to these prices'

The democracy sausage is the latest victim of the cost of living crisis.

Many Aussies hitting the polling stations to have their say in the Voice to Parliament referendum will have picked up a democracy sausage after casting their vote.

But one cheeky polling station did things a little differently this year, selling two different types of sausage – a "classic democracy sausage" and a more budget friendly "cost of living" sausage.

The “classic democracy sausage” is a sausage with onions on a roll which was priced at $7. The “cost of living” menu item, however, was just a sausage on a roll with no extras. The cheaper option costing just $1 less.

Any extras on the sausage like onions, bacon or egg are $1 extra and labelled as “interest rate rises” on the menu. But not all Aussies are happy with the price difference.

Not even the humble democracy sausage is safe from the cost of living crisis. Source: X
Not even the humble democracy sausage is safe from the cost of living crisis. Source: X

“I'd vote no to those prices!” One enthusiast commented on X, formerly known as Twitter. “$7 for a #democracysausage! I paid $4 and got 4 sausages on mine.”

There were also options for vegans and vegetarians with the "Greens burger" and the "ALP roll" which is a vegan sausage on a roll with onions. Both items were priced at $7.

It’s not clear where the polling station is located.

It's not the first time a polling station sausage sizzle has put up a 'cost of living' menu item. In March, when New South Wales state election took place, Camdenville Public School's included the 'cost of living' sausage. Then, the item was $4. In just seven months, the cost of the budget item has gone up by $2.

Sausage shortage

This year, many voters will have found themselves snag-less due to a shortage in sausage sizzle locations.

"We have seen slightly reduced numbers of early nominations of sausage sizzles for the referendum versus the most recent federal election," Alex from Democracy Sausage previously told Yahoo News Australia.

The website, which uses crowdsourcing to map out the availability of sausages and cake across the country on election days, is right now only seeing about 10 per cent of polling locations with sausage sizzles nominated, compared to 41 per cent during last year's federal election.

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