Woman discovers husband is having an affair with her mum

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A mum-of-three has opened up about the heart-stopping moment she found her husband in her mum’s bed.

The 23-year-old woman wrote into The Sun’s Dear Deirdre column looking for advice after catching the man she loves having sex with her mum.

Close up of female feet in under the sheets.
A woman has told of how she found her husband in bed with her mum. Photo: Getty Images

She revealed that she had been married to her 28-year-old husband for seven years and after having their second child together her sex drive disappeared.

Due to COVID-19 layoffs, her husband was out of work as a scaffolder so they moved in with her 39-year-old mum as they couldn’t afford to pay rent.

The woman said her 39-year old mum helped with the children and it seemed to make her husband happier that they had another set of hands around.

“After a few weeks I realised he’d still go out with mates but not get as drunk and he stopped always complaining about our sex life,” she wrote.


Couple having problems in relationship due to infidelity
Couple having problems in relationship due to infidelity

Then, one day, the woman unexpectedly had to return to the house after her child got sick but she couldn’t have prepared herself for what she was about to find.

“I could hear noises from upstairs and my husband was in mum’s bed. It was clear they’d been having sex. I screamed at them both and told my husband to get out,” she wrote.

The woman said her mum keeps begging for forgiveness and her husband has moved out but she has nowhere to live so feels trapped.

Agony aunt Deirdre recommended the woman visit a relationship adviser to try help her on her path to getting over the shock.

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