The Chase star left 'vulnerable and anxious' after being robbed

jenny ryan, bbc morning live
The Chase star left 'anxious' after being robbedBBC

The Chase star Jenny Ryan has opened up about being a victim of a scammer, revealing the incident has left her feeling "'vulnerable".

The gameshow expert known as The Vixen recalled her ordeal during an appearance on Morning Live today (April 22). She explained a man entered her flat claiming there had been a leak in the building and proceeded to steal her mobile phone and some pieces of jewellery she was especially fond of.

"He knocked on the door and he told me the building manager was on his way, there'd been a leak, it was to do with the new kitchen – which we did just have a new kitchen fitted, the landlord just put that in," Ryan said.

jenny ryan, bbc morning live

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The man assured he wouldn't be long as he just needed to take some pictures. Despite questioning it at first, Ryan decided to let him in.

"Unfortunately he had some bad intentions, he ended up getting into my bedroom with the door closed and when he left I'd realised he had taken my mobile phone and three pieces of jewellery that had been given to me by my parents for special occasions and are irreplaceable," the quizzer said.

Ryan also said she feels "gullible" for having let the man in but added: "I shouldn't be beating myself up too much as this was a very cunning scam."

"He was so credible and he had a very slick story and he looked the part, it only took that second for me to accept he was coming in, and once he was inside it was too late, it would be too dangerous for me to challenge him. I was by myself," she continued, saying that the incident has left her feeling "quite vulnerable".

jenny ryan, the chase chaser

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"I'm a bit anxious to be in my flat and be on my own," she shared.

After realising what happened, Ryan immediately reported the theft via the police website.

"Unfortunately all I've had back from them is an automated email saying that they're considering whether they're going to investigate or not," she said.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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