New charges from New Zealand terror threat

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New Zealand Police have charged a 27-year-old man, already in custody for allegedly threatening to bomb two Mosques, with distributing the Christchurch Mosques terrorist's manifesto.

The man, who has been granted name suppression by the Christchurch District Court, has been on remand since early March.

News outlet Stuff reports he has pleaded not guilty to seven charges of distributing the terror screed of Brenton Tarrant, the Australian terrorist who is serving life imprisonment for carrying out the 2019 shooting.

Possession or distribution of the white supremacist's manifesto is a crime in New Zealand.

He has also pleaded not guilty to one charge of threatening to kill, has elected a trial by jury and will next appear in court on April 22.

The man's arrest came just before the two-year anniversary of the country's worst modern-day mass shooting.

He is alleged to have threatened to car-bomb Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre - the same two houses of worship targeted by Tarrant - on the anniversary.

The threat was made on a public and notorious right-wing forum.

It was reported to police by a member of the public through Crime Stoppers - causing consternation that New Zealand's security agencies or police haven't sharpened up their act in the wake of the 2019 attack.