Changes proposed for corruption commission


Legislation to set up the National Anti-Corruption Commission will be debated in federal parliament this week.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus has laid out a list of changes the government will make to the proposed laws, following the release of a parliamentary report into the commission which is due to start in 2023.

* Journalists will have greater safeguards regarding search warrants, with extra protections for their sources.

* More safeguards will be introduced for the wellbeing of people who may need help to comply with a summons and allow people to disclose information to medical professionals.

* The commissioner of the integrity body will also be required to advise people under investigation the outcome of the investigation.

* The definition of corrupt conduct will be altered and the commissioner may be able to deal with a corruption issue on their own initiative

* Surveillance and interception warrants will need to be issued by eligible judges.

* Powers of the commission's inspector will be increased on witness summons and arrest warrants.

* The grounds that contempt proceedings can be brought before the commission will be narrowed.

* Changes will be made to the requirement that all evidence that discloses legal advice to be given in private.