'Change begins' as Labour PM will 'fight until you believe again'

Front page of the Guardian newspaper for 6 July
Front page of the Daily Express for Saturday 6 July, showing a picture of Sir Keir Starmer and his wife Victoria.
The Daily Express urges its readers to "be gracious in defeat" as it notes Sir Keir's "historic victory". It goes on to picture outgoing Conservative Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and his wife Akshata Murty, as the paper says Mr Sunak showed "generosity of spirit and true graciousness" in one of his last acts as PM. [BBC]
Front page of The Times for 6 July
The Times also reports on Labour's electoral performance, with the new government gaining a parliamentary majority of 174 seats - the largest since Tony Blair's landslide in 1997. The paper goes on to direct readers to a 24-page election results special. [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Mirror for 6 July
The front page of the Daily Mirror, which supported Sir Keir's campaign, says a lot with few words. "Now we begin," is its headline, as the paper pictures the new prime minister and his wife smiling and waving outside the door to No 10. [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Mail for 6 July
Front page of the Financial Times for 6 July
In its weekend edition the Financial Times reports that big-name exits after the general election have thinned the field of eligible replacements for Mr Sunak as Tory leader, with Penny Mordaunt and Grant Shapps among those to lose their seats. But in its lead is a buoyant Sir Keir, who has pledged to prioritise the UK's economic growth. [BBC]
Front page of the i for 6 July
The i newspaper leads with a snippet from Sir Keir's speech outside No 10, as he addressed the nation saying "politics can be a force for good". It lays out Sir Keir's Cabinet appointments, while picturing the Conservative party's "casualty list", as "big beasts" like Jacob Rees-Mogg and Liz Truss lost their seats. [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Star for 6 July
The Daily Star pictures King Charles's encounter with Sir Keir as the King formally invited him to form the next government. But the paper's main focus is the England versus Switzerland Euro 2024 match later on Saturday. [BBC]
Front page of the Daily Telegraph
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