Champions League to be completed in August but final could move from Istanbul

Miguel Delaney
The UEFA Champions League football trophy: AFP via Getty Images

The FA Cup and European club competitions are set to be completed by the second part of August, with the added possibility that the Champions League final is moved from Istanbul.

The Premier League was on Thursday the latest domestic league to announce its return, and will begin playing again on 17 June.

That is also the date that Uefa will stage its rescheduled meeting to decide what will happen with the 2019-20 Champions League and Europa League, and a working group has been set up to offer solutions.

The most workable proposal is currently to complete all remaining fixtures in August, once the domestic leagues are finished, to make the situation easier.

As regards the format of those fixtures, and whether they are home and away or in one country, Uefa are continuously monitoring how the situation develops as regards continental air travel.

Beyond issues like quarantine in certain countries, the governing body would also be keen to minimise unnecessary air travel in the circumstances.

All remaining games in one location currently looks the most feasible solution, but the last few weeks have illustrated how quickly the situation can change.

It is increasingly possible, however, that the Champions League final is moved from Istanbul.

There have been initial talks between the host city and Uefa about how the Turkish capital would not be able to make a return on the investment if fans can't travel.

While such discussions are at a very early stage, alternatives like Lisbon and some German cities have been mentioned.

Clubs involved have not yet been told of dates or locations, but have naturally been kept abreast of the plans.

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