Challengers debuts top of box office as Dune 2 hits major milestone

zendaya sitting back with her hands on her head in challengers movie
Challengers debuts top of box officeNIKO TAVERNISE - Warner Bros.

Zendaya's new movie Challengers has topped the box office after an impressive debut.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the tennis romance movie met expectations with its $15 million opening from 3,477 cinemas. This makes it the second-best start for an original R-rated drama since the pandemic, with Don't Worry Darling holding the top spot.

zendaya sitting back with her hands on her head in challengers movie

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The Amazon MGM Studios movie was released nationwide, rather than on Amazon's streaming site Prime Video, and is projected to easily become director Luca Guadagnino's highest-grossing film domestically, surpassing Call Me By Your Name, which grossed roughly $18 million.

Ahead of its release in cinemas, critics responded very well to Challengers, and its first 113 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes scored it a glowing 96% rating.

Digital Spy's review called it "a sweaty, wicked three-way thriller exploring the intersection between power, sex, desire and starving ambition."

mike faist, zendaya and josh o'connor sit on a bed in challengers
Warner Bros.

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At the box office, the movie pulled in a large female audience, amounting to 58% of Friday's (April 26) audience. It also did well with a younger crowd, as 76% of ticket buyers were between ages 18 and 34.

Challengers managed to cater to an ethnically diverse audience with White (43%) Latino (27%), Black (17%), Asian (9%) and Native American/other (4%) viewers contributing to Friday's ticket sales.

Meanwhile, Dune: Part Two (which stars Zendaya as Chani), celebrated a major milestone by hitting $700 million at the worldwide box office. Godzilla x Kong had similar cause for celebration, earning $500 million globally. They are the two biggest films of the year to date at the worldwide box office.

Challengers is out now in cinemas.

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