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Central Land Council hosting voice session for rangers

While the referendum advisory groups are finalising the wording of the question about an Indigenous voice to parliament, Aboriginal rangers from central Australia have queries of their own.

The Central Land Council is holding a discussion about the referendum to kick off a week of professional development for rangers at Ross River, near Alice Springs, on March 20.

Central Land Council CEO Les Turner said remote community residents have lots of questions about the referendum, which they will be able to put to guest speakers.

"Our rangers want to know how the voice will help them to better look after country and improve the lives of their families," he said.

"Six years ago, at the same campground, more than 100 local Aboriginal people chose Central Australia's delegates for the national constitutional convention at Uluru that called for voice, treaty and truth.

"I look forward to the discussions and hope it will inform the referendum campaign in remote communities."

About 140 rangers from 20 ranger groups from the southern half of the Northern Territory, as well as from South Australia and Western Australia, will attend the camp.

The groups will give presentations about their work and hear from guest speakers.

The camp features workshops and accredited training ranging from tracking animals to catching live venomous snakes, operating heavy machinery and burning country.

Some rangers will learn to use their smartphones and tablets to produce short videos about what the voice means to them.