Cellphone ban OK’d by Los Angeles school board

The Los Angeles school board voted Tuesday to ban cell phones in classrooms, a trend that has been spreading to multiple districts across the U.S.

The move, approved by a 5-to-2 vote, makes the school district the largest yet to ban cell phones, with the board pointing to studies that show they distract students, have negative affects on mental health and stifles in-person connections.

“Kids no longer have the opportunity to just be kids,” said board member Nick Melvoin, who introduced the measure. “I’m hoping this resolution will help students not only focus in class, but also give them a chance to interact and engage more with each other — and just be kids.”

Further details on the ban, which will take effect in January, will be solidified at future meetings.

The two school board members who voted against the resolution did so over concerns about the totality of the ban and wanting distinctions between bans during instructional and noninstructional time, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Opponents of the bans are typically concerned about students not having access to contact their parents in case of an emergency.

The trend to ban cell phones has become increasingly popular with local districts, with some schools implementing cell phone spots where students have to turn in their phones at the beginning of the day and can’t get them until the end. Even some states, such South Carolina, are looking at banning cell phones in all public schools statewide.

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