Celine Dion 'can't wait to perform again'

Celine Dion "can't wait" to return to the stage.

The 56-year-old star revealed in 2022 that she'd been diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, a progressive neurological disorder that affects her muscles - but Celine is now busily preparing for her new Las Vegas show.

She told the BBC: "We have been working so hard to put this show together, because I’m back."

Celine hasn't performed live in a long time. But she's excited to make her long-awaited comeback.

The 'Because You Loved Me' hitmaker shared: "I’ll be on stage. I don’t know when exactly, but trust me I will scream it out loud.

"I can’t wait."

Celine will live with stiff-person syndrome for the rest of her life. However, she's undergone therapy with the aim of returning to the stage.

She said: "My voice will be rebuilt. I mean, it started a while ago already. My voice is being rebuilt as we speak, right now."

Celine previously revealed that she hopes to "raise awareness" of stiff-person syndrome through a new feature-length documentary.

The award-winning star has opened up about her struggles in 'I Am: Celine Dion', which premieres later this month.

She said: "This last couple of years has been such a challenge for me, the journey from discovering my condition to learning how to live with and manage it, but not to let it define me.

"As the road to resuming my performing career continues, I have realised how much I have missed it, of being able to see my fans.

"During this absence, I decided I wanted to document this part of my life, to try to raise awareness of this little-known condition, to help others who share this diagnosis."