"Celebrity IOU"

Heidi Klum gets to work on the new season of "Celebrity IOU."

Video transcript


HEIDI KLUM: This is honestly, one of my most exciting moments ever. I have never, ever done demolition.

- OK, slide.

HEIDI KLUM: Ah, OK. OK. Huh! Yeah!

- Good.

- Oh, nice.

- Amazing.


- You guys are on fire.

HEIDI KLUM: Yeah, here we go. Now we're cooking with gas.

- Woo.

HEIDI KLUM: But, boy, was it fun.

- Whoa, we got a little spin thing happening here.

- I wasn't as graceful. But I tried.

HEIDI KLUM: Yeah! I want to just kick everything!

Well, I guess now you can go to these rooms and pay for it--

- Right.

HEIDI KLUM: --where you can get all your anger out.

Today, I got to do this for free in this house. Move back! Hi-ya!

- Whoa amazing.

- I love it.

- Love it.

- Well.

HEIDI KLUM: Thank you.

- I hope you know you're a bad-[BLEEP].

HEIDI KLUM: Well, I knew that already. But I didn't know what kind of bad-[BLEEP] I really was.