Celebrity Gogglebox stars react to Glastonbury 2024

shaun ryder and bez on celebrity gogglebox
Celeb Gogglebox stars react to Glastonbury 2024Channel 4

Celebrity Gogglebox spoilers follow.

Friday's (July 5) episode of Celebrity Gogglebox saw Shaun Ryder and Bez hilariously react to Glastonbury 2024.

As the cast sat down to catch up on this year's performances from Worthy Farm, festivalgoer Bez shared his experiences from the musical weekend.

"Did you get any sleep at Glasto?" asked Shaun. "You look healthy. You're a sixty-year-old bloke who's been to Glastonbury."

"You know what it is?" replied his Happy Mondays bandmate. "It's cause I haven't stopped. Anyone who stops, they're finished."

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Shaun added: "You mean you just gotta carry on," with Bez then explaining: "Carry on cause your body goes into shock. Everyone I know who's stopped, has been really ill. So it's not worth it."

The pair went on to share their excitable reactions as they tuned in to see country legend Shania Twain debut at the festival on the Sunday afternoon Legend's slot.

"I would love to be on stage on her, and me wearing the same outfit and cowboy boots," said Shaun.

As the performance ended, an animated Shaun started clapping, with Bez hilariously saying: "It was good. I can't be arsed clapping though."

shaun ryder and bez on celebrity gogglebox
Channel 4

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The show's viewers shared their reactions to Shaun and Bez on X (formerly Twitter), with one writing: "Having Shaun Ryder and Bez on Gogglebox is one of the great joys in life."

Another added: "Bez and Shaun are just brilliant," while a third viewer said: "Watching Shaun Ryder dancing to Shania Twain is not something I expected to see today. Or ever, in fact."

Friday's instalment of Celebrity Gogglebox also saw the celebrity TV watchers tune into the latest episode of Love Island, Lingo, The Nevermets, The Yorkshire Vet and This Morning.

Celebrity Gogglebox airs and streams on Channel 4.

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