Celebrity Big Brother's Louis Walsh confused by show's format on air

louis walsh on celebrity big brother
CBB's Louis confused by show's format on airITV

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers follow.

Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh appeared to misunderstand the concept of the show during his live eviction interview.

Tonight's final (March 22) saw the X Factor judge and music manager finish in fourth place. However, he seemed completely confused over how the show worked, telling hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best: "We had no information!"

When asked by Will about his role as a "producer" in the drama between housemates, Louis replied by revealing he was shocked to have no contact with the outside world.

"I was watching it, and I was wondering how I was doing in ratings," he said. "We had no information, we had no phone, nobody, nothing."

louis walsh on celebrity big brother

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"We were locked in for like three weeks," he continued, as the audience laughed at his responses.

"This surprises no one but you," AJ explained, but Louis continued his rant about being cut off from technology, exclaiming: "We couldn't get anything!"

"Whoever booked you was a genius," Will added. "Because they clearly didn't tell you anything."

The lack of contact from the outside world wasn't the only part of Big Brother that confused Louis either, with the X Factor judge also being surprised to learn he'd see a highlight reel of his time on the show.

aj odudu and will best on celebrity big brother final

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"Oh, you're going to show them," Louis replied, when AJ and Will told him he'd be treated to a montage of his Big Brother journey.

Viewers at home were also left tickled by his admissions, with several fans taking to X to share their amusement. "Louis just now discovering the concept of the entire show," one person wrote.

"Louis finding out that he’d actually be locked in a house without a phone and all of his ex housemates are in the studio with him is killing me," another added, alongside a string of crying laughter emojis.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sundays through Fridays at 9pm on ITV1 and the ITV Hub, followed by Late & Live on ITV2 immediately following each new episode.

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