Celebrity Big Brother announces nomination twist involving Sharon Osbourne

sharon osbourne on celebrity big brother
CBB announces Sharon Osbourne nomination twistITV

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 spoilers follow.

Celebrity Big Brother co-host Will Best has revealed a "huge" twist in tomorrow night's nominations involving Sharon Osbourne on Late & Live.

Tonight's (March 10) episode of Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live, which featured Tinea Taylor, Kae Kurd and Yasmin Evans on the panel, involved discussion of the evening's secret sabotage police task as well as two exclusive reveals.

At the start of the episode, Will's first announcement was that the second nominations of the series had already been happening this evening – with a sneak peek delivered later in the show.

sharon osbourne on celebrity big brother

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Towards the end of the episode, Will announced the second twist – a, "huge nomination shakeup," involving celebrity lodger Sharon Osbourne, who is unable to vote in regular nominations.

"I can exclusively reveal that [the twist] will involve [Sharon] secretly watching all of the nominations – so she's seeing everything," he said.

"To find out what she then does with that information, you'll have to tune in tomorrow night... but I can promise you, it has very, very big consequences for the housemates."

david potts, celebrity big brother

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Earlier in the episode, two nomination sneak peeks were revealed; after a public vote, it was announced that Late & Live would show viewers one of Louis Walsh's nominations.

"My second nomination is Fern," Louis said in the clip. "She's a complete lady... but I think the others deserve to be there, Fern is just there. She's like wallpaper."

As a special treat, Will then decided to reveal one of Real Housewives of Cheshire star Lauren Simon's nominations.

Lauren's second nomination was David Potts. Speaking about him, she said, "He's a great actor but that act's going on too long. I don't feel any warmth with him."

Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live continues tomorrow at 10pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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