Celebrity Big Brother airs killer nomination twist in fairy-tale challenge

louis walsh in celebrity big brother
Celebrity Big Brother airs killer nomination twistITV

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers follow.

Celebrity Big Brother has aired a killer nomination twist as part of a wicked fairy-tale challenge.

The remaining housemates were forced to pick one celebrity who would automatically be up for the next public vote. They decided on Strictly Come Dancing's Nikita Kuzmin.

In Sunday's episode (March 17), Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz were selected by the other housemates as the most 'evil' of the bunch, making them the 'Evil Rulers' for the day.

nikita kuzmin in celebrity big brother

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From their tower, the pair had to name three housemates in various categories who would then complete challenges to prove they had 'heart, brains and courage'.

After being named the most 'brainless' housemates, Bradley, Nikita and David attended a 'twisted tea party'. To complete their task, the trio ate various fairy-tale concoctions and answered questions based on nominations.

Louis and Zeze were then tasked with picking the most 'heartless' subjects. The pair both said they would have nominated the other, and Louis decided that he had the final say, despite the pair ruling as a duo.

louis walsh in celebrity big brother

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Louis picked Fern, Colson and David, meaning the trio had to take a trip to Evil Step-Big Brother's wicked woodland. In order to gain a 'heart', the group were tasked with filling a vial with their tears – but failed to produce enough to reach the required amount.

After all of the housemates were gathered to gain 'courage', Evil-Step Big Brother revealed that Louis and Zeze were exempt from the vote.

"Subjects, between yourselves you must now decide which one of you must bravely face the next public vote by receiving a killer nomination,” the housemates were told.

nikita kuzmin in celebrity big brother's diary room

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Colson, David, Nikita and Fern all volunteered for their names to be put forward.

"I see all of you, I'm present in the moment and I feel calm. I feel happy with my decision," Nikita said, as the housemates confirmed the Strictly star would receive the killer nomination.

Tensions continued to rise, when Colson entered the bedroom and referred to Louis, saying: "I don't get how people can just sit there."

And, to top it all off, Evil Step-Big Brother revealed that the housemates failed many parts of their shopping task, and would receive an economy shopping budget as a result.

Celebrity Big Brother airs Sundays through Fridays at 9pm on ITV1 and the ITV Hub, followed by Late & Live on ITV2 immediately following each new episode.

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