CCTV shows train ticket inspectors using 'heavy-handed' tactics

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CCTV shows train tickets inspectors using heavy-handed tactics

V/Line has apologised after its officers used "unnecessary force" when they took a drunk 62-year-old man off a Victorian train and held him face down on a platform for nine minutes.

Victorian Ombudsman George Brouwer said the authorised officers were entitled to remove the passenger who was drinking alcohol on the train but were heavy handed with the frail man.

He said unnecessary force was used both in taking the man off the train and when he was held face down on the platform for nine minutes.

"He is a 62-year-old man forcibly restrained on the ground by the upper body, with his pants around his ankles, for a lengthy period of time," Mr Brouwer said in his report on Wednesday.

"There seems to be no valid reason for this conduct by the authorised officers."

A policeman who responded to the incident said the tactics the authorised officers used "far outweighed how a reasonable and fair person would expect to be treated".

Mr Brouwer said the officers appeared to have acted in line with their training, which he said V/Line should review, particularly considering he is investigating another allegation of excessive use of force.

V/Line apologised for the incident at the Sunbury Railway Station on March 24 last year, despite not receiving a complaint from the man.

V/Line said it will review the ombudsman's recommendations but said its officers had an important role in deterring vandalism, fare evasion and anti-social behaviour.

Transport Minister Terry Mulder backed the ombudsman's call for CCTV cameras to be put on V/Line trains, saying it usually is not an expensive piece of equipment to install.

"We've got them on railway stations, we've got them on trains in Melbourne. We haven't had a lot of serious incidents on the V/Line network in the past and that's why we haven't had to resort to these types of matters."

V/Line is trialling CCTV cameras on one of its trains.

Greens MP Greg Barber wants authorised officers removed from rail networks.

"In my view we should abolish the authorised officer program and use transit police to deal with anti-social behaviour," he said.

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said he hoped the government would stand by its promise to meet the ombudsman's recommendations.