CCTV reveals woman's terrifying Facebook Marketplace ordeal

A woman who was carjacked during a test drive lives in fear the thief will return.

An Aussie mum was left fearing for her life after an attempt to sell her car on Facebook turned into a violent carjacking in Melbourne’s west.

Jess Kerr said the man who arrived at her Kurunjang home on Saturday evening with his partner and young son “looked a bit rough” but she didn’t want to judge them, Seven News reports.

Wanting to give the man a chance, she agreed to let him take her black Holden Commodore for a test drive after he inspected under the bonnet, an interaction all caught on a CCTV camera. In the footage, Jess can also be seen walking around the vehicle to jump into the passenger seat and join the man on the drive in what she says was almost a fatal mistake.

Jess walking towards the man outside her home (left) and the man and Jess looking under the bonnet of the stolen Holden Commodore (right).
A CCTV camera picked up the moment the man and his family arrived outside Jess's home in Kurunjang before inspecting under the bonnet. Source: Seven News

Man came at mother with knife

After a few moments in the car, Jess said the man suddenly stopped and began threatening her with a pen before brandishing a utility knife.

“He said, get the f**k out of the car or I’ll stab you with this and give you Hep C,” Jess recalled. “He was just coming for me with it and I put my hands up. I didn’t realise until later on that he actually did get me, sliced open my finger.”

Leaning over, the mum said the man then unclipped her seatbelt and tried to force Jess out of the car but she refused.

“[He] threw the car into gear and he took off down the street,” Jess said. “He [then] started punching me... in my face, he was belting me and I’m thinking, am I going to see my kids again? I didn’t know what he was going to do with me.”

After putting her window down and screaming out for help, the thief finally dumped Jess on the side of the road before fleeing the scene in the vehicle.

A close up of Jess Kerr.
Jess now lives in fear that the man who stole her car will return to her home, Source: Seven Neews

Police launch manhunt for carjacker

Using a resident’s phone to call police, Jess reported the terrifying ordeal. Police are now appealing for anyone who may have seen what happened, to get in touch.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident, has CCTV/dashcam footage or information, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000,” Victorian Police said in a statement.

But while Brimbank Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating, Jess says she now lives in fear that the man will return to her home.

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