CCTV of commuters risking their lives to avoid missing the train

Startling CCTV has emerged showing Melbourne commuters risking their lives to avoid missing trains.

One video shows a woman determined not to miss her commute despite the doors being shut.

A fellow commuter forces the doors open and lends a hand but the woman loses her footing and is dragged along the platform, almost slipping beneath the wheels, before being hauled inside.

Public Transport Victoria’s Alan Fedda urged people to put safety first.

“You can always wait for the next tram or the next train,” Mr Fedda said. 

A woman tries to get into a moving Melbourne train and ends up being dragged. Source: 7 News

Other videos showed a cyclist narrowly missing a passing train, and an impatient driving crossing in front of one. 

The unseen victims of train accidents are rail network staff and train drivers.

A cyclist narrowly misses getting hit. Source: 7 News

Geoffrey, a train driver, said he once witnessed a young girl in front of him after shining the lights on her. 

“She just stood up in front of us, and we ran over her,” he said.

“We knew we had no hope of stopping at all.”

Adding to the angst on the rails, night time train surfing appears to be another emerging trend.

It seems there are few limits to the risks thrill seekers will take on the rails.