CCTV captures terrifying moment girl slips under train in Melbourne

The terrifying moment a little girl slipped underneath a train in Melbourne has been caught on camera.

The shocking video that has emerged online shows a woman with her hands full of shopping bag, walking off the train.

The little girl, who is only steps behind her, loses her balance as she steps off the train and falls into the gap between the train and the platform.

The girl was walking right behind her mother when she fell. Source: 7 News.
The girl was walking right behind her mother when she fell. Source: 7 News.

Her mother, who is oblivious to what has happened, keeps walking until a man who is boarding the train spots the struggling girl and alerts her.

The man then jumps onto the train and reportedly hit the emergency alarm before the train could move off from the platform.

Meanwhile her frantic mother reaches down and pulls the child to safety. The girl does not appear to have been injured during the incident.

The video has been viewed more than to 2.5 million times since it was uploaded to Facebook by Lya Laje last week.

Sadly this is far from the first time that CCTV has captured a terrifying near miss at a train station.

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