CCTV captures incredible moment group of friends redeem winning $60 million lotto ticket

The amazing moment a group of five friends redeemed their winning lotto ticket has been captured on CCTV.

The lucky winners can be seen in the heartwarming footage walking into a gas station in Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa, Canada, before handing the ticket to the attendant and making their A$61,500,000 windfall official.

In the video obtained by CTV Ottawa, the shocked employee steps back from the machine, placing his hand over his mouth.

The new millionaires cannot wipe the smiles off their faces, and appear to shriek with glee as the incredible news is confirmed for them.

The attendant in the gas station can’t contain his shock. Source: CTV Ottawa

One even seems to take a picture of the attendant’s reaction, who stays behind the counter and grabs a phone.

The ecstatic friends continue to embrace and enjoy the life-changing moment.

According to CTV Ottawa the lucky winners of the Lotto Max jackpot are IT professionals who are also former colleagues, Stephane Dionne, Bryan Redman, Christopher Beazley, Gilles Dionne and Norman MacDonald

The group were presented their cheque on Thursday in Toronto, but the winning numbers were announced on July 13. 

Mr Redman said he freaked out when he realised they won.

“I went to the local gas station and I checked (the ticket) on the little ticker.

“I was the only one in there, scanned it, it said ‘Big winner, $60 million,’ I got out of there, ran out of there, got into the car, locked the doors, started calling these guys. Nobody answered!”

The five winners appear ecstatic, laughing and hugging throughout the video. Source: CTV Ottawa

When he finally did reach one of them it was Mr Dionne, who said he had to check the numbers himself to believe it and began to cry, CTV Ottawa reports. 

The men have reportedly been playing lottery together for ten years and are all said to be married with nine children between them.

“I always said that I believed we would win,” Mr Dionne said.

“But I didn’t believe we would win $60 million!”

The men have said despite the windfall they won’t be retiring yet.