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Cat makes remarkable recovery after clothes dryer ordeal

A curious cat has been left burnt and sore after her unsuspecting owner turned the clothes dryer on while the feline was curled up inside the machine.

One-year-old Peppa was enjoying the warm coziness of the dryer when her owner Amy Cooke put a doona in the machine and turned it on.

“(I put the doona) straight in, closed the door, turned it on, not even thinking,” Ms Cooke told 7 News.

The ragdoll cat tumbled around for 20 minutes in the scorching heat, before clawing her way out.

“Peppa’s flung out of the dryer, walked out into the hall way and collapsed hyperventilating,” Ms Cooke said

Peppa was taken to Lort Smith Animal Hospital with a burnt eye and front paw, as well as fried whiskers.

“She's only a tiny cat weighing just over two kilos so to manage to get the door open from the dryer is amazing,” vet Andrew Kapsis said.

Peppa the cat proved concerned hospital staff wrong, by making a remarkable recovery after the truamatic incident. Source: 7News.

“When she came in she was very vocal, she was very warm to touch, we immediately cooled her down.”

While hospital staff had grave fears for Peppa’s life, the cat managed to make a remarkable recover.

The curious feline is happy to be back at home after her impromptu spin dry.

While she has always been an inquisitive creature she doesn’t appear to be in any hurry to use up the rest of her remaining eight lives.

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