Cat killer jailed for two months

7News Adelaide

A man found guilty of torturing and killing a cat has been jailed for two months.

Adrian Pomorski from Wynn Vale, in Adelaide's northern suburbs, had previously told the court he was doing the cat a favour because it was being starved and mistreated.

He was accused of torturing the cat, killing it with a shovel and the incident was filmed on on a mobile phone.

But Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Bolton did not buy his claims that he was saving the cat from its owner, and told him today that he could have fed the cat, or taken it to an animal shelter.

She said the community reaction to what he did was strong, and pointed out that he had been the victim of hate mail through social media.

Mr Pomorski was also fined $1,200 and jailed for a further month for other crimes.

He was meant to have been sentenced last week, but failed to show up to his scheduled court appearance, so the Magistrate had ordered a warrant for his arrest.

It was the third time a warrant for his arrest had been issued.

Recent changes to toughen up animal cruelty laws in South Australia meant Mr Pomorski was facing a maximum fine of $50,000 or four years in jail.

RSPCA spokeswoman, Shatha Hamade, said the jail sentence sent a strong message to the community.

"There is no excuse to harm an animal," she said.

"Given the maximum penalty, it could always be more, but any jail sentence, and an immediate jail sentence is always welcome."