WATCH: Cat caught after dangling from apartment block clothesline

“Hang in there,” the motivational posters from the past read.

That’s exactly what this little kitten had to do when it found itself hanging for a clothesline in a Russian town in a harrowing video.

The little cat was hanging from the clothesline. Source: Jukin Media

A couple were walking past the block of flats when they spotted the little cat hanging from the line outside an apartment.

The man reacted quickly, positioning himself beneath the frightened feline with his backpack held in his arms as a crash mat.

The cat found itself in an unfortunate cliche. Source: Jukin Media
Luckily it was caught safe and well. Source: Jukin Media

The little cat released its claws and fell into the safety of man’s arms.

It was a little bit shaken, but otherwise fine.